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the father of democracy. bikers gathered in a revved up the engines where nelson mandela is in critical condition. the 94-year-old former south african president is hospitalized for a month. suffering from a recuring lung infection and one biker explained it this way. he said that he and his companions hope to send a loud reminder to mandela his followers are still out there and they still need him. >>> a fierce battle near an important landmark in the islamic faith as we go around the world in 80 seconds. syria, assad regime forces hammering rebel forces in the city of homs. artillery fire and syrian fighter jets could be seen pounding the city. the u.n. says some 4,500 civilians are still inside homs and they're warning that they could face a humanitarian ka pass to fee unless they're allowed safe passage out. more than 100,000 have now died in syria's civil war. >>> to thailand. a taxi driver under arrest accused of killing an american tourist with a sword. police say the suspect attacked his passenger after a dispute over cab fare. that driver now charged with murder. >>> in spain,
in the courthouse. and the attorneys were instructed by judge deborah nelson they were free to leave the property for an hour. so they could go off and feel free no verdict will be rendered and determined and announced while the 7- 8 o'clock dinner break is happening. george zimmerman and his family and attorneys for both sides and the prosecution and the parents of trayvon martin and extended family, zimmerman as well, they have all regouted themselves to staying right around the area and not going too far. parking is at a premium and a lot of people are taking out parking spots and 8 o'clock, it portends that the six woman jury will deliberate late into this saturday night and perhaps we'll have a verdict later tonight, otherwise, they may choose to return tomorrow. we don't know how long they will go. and how long they want to deliberate. they have been deliberating since yesterday afternoon. 13 hours at this point. and seems like they wanted clariction and perhaps the second-degree murder charge is not on the table and the six women are trying to decide whether manslaughter is applicable base
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2